Ceramic is today’s the most contemporary, the state-of-the-art material while also the earliest artistic material produced and used by the human being. 


Fusing technology with nature and human, “Termal Seramik” was founded in Sogut, Bilecik in 1995 to create spaces for customers with different needs and demands. First factory was opened and started production in 1997, and second in 2005. Termal Seramik is now capable of producing 18.000.000 m2 and total annual production capacity will boost up to 21.000.000 m2 upon commissioning a new investment of 3 million m2 capacity per year at the end of April 2017. New investment will enable producing porcelain tiles and porcelain parquets of large sizes such as 60x60,60*120,30*75,30*90,15*60,15*90,20*120. 


Employing around 650-700 people for production, Termal Seramik runs detailed production and control stages for products produced at the factory. The moment when Termal Seramic employees meet with finished products gives a huge happiness and excitement due to responsibility. 


Our purpose is to make production under the framework of our mission, vision and quality policy in order to maintain Termal Seramik Corp.’s currently available certificate of quality, to keep sustainable development and improvement and to raise the bars for our targets at all times. Customer satisfaction, contribution to national economy and being responsible to environment and the society are our major objectives. We do adopt the principles of Total Quality Management as our philosophy of life for life and work, in order to become a leader in technology and quality. 


Product designing is of great importance to us in order to establish the right connection with customers in financial, cultural and emotional aspects. For this very purpose, Termal Seramik cooperates with foreign design companies that tailgate and lead global markets. With its in-house expert designers, Termal Seramik keeps with global trends in market, visits exhibitions to reflect latest trends on their designs. We envisage coming out of nature and try our best to highlight natural colors, textures and products in our designs.