Highly respected in the world s market for its products quality and reliability, Termal Seramik aims at being one step ahead of its competitors by giving great worth to its workers and environment. Beside of achieving hight product quality and customer satisfaction, our company does its best to improve its workers living standarts. Our company also aims at applying labour law and internationally accepted working conditions in the best possible manner and quarantees the followings ;


- Workers less than 15 years old are not employed,

- Workers  are  not  forced  to  lodge  unreasonable  deposits  or  their identity papers and they are not forced to work unvoluntarly,

- The wages comlpy with the local law,

- The wages and overtime are paid regulary ontime,

- Working and overtime hours comply with the limit set by local law. Workers are not subjected to any kind of physical or verbal abuse and there is no discrimination because of their origin, sex etc,

- There is a health and safety deparment in the factory which is in charge of taking required measurements concerning healt and safety related issues,

- The workers have the right to establish a trade union and to bargain, Taking these criterions into conseridation in choosing the suppliers,



Being aware of its responsibility for leaving a beter environment to the next generations, Termal Seramik have tried hard to set an example in the sector, showing its sensitivity to the environment since its establishment. To maket his goal come true, the company started afforesting in 40.000 m² of its investment area in 1998 and 10 different types of more than 11,000 trees mainly pine and cedar were planted at the and of 2006.

Awarded for its environmental studies, Termal Seramik will keep working on this issue in the future too.


- To implement the laws and arrangements based on the environment protection in our facilities,

- To protect and use energy and natural resources efficiently, To use recycling techniques in such a way to reduce the waste materials as much as possible through implementing the latest technological improvements in our factory,

- To support and take part in the environmental activities of official and private associations,

- To make studies on increasing the sensitivity of all our workers and suppliers to the environment.



It is our responsibility and duty as Termal Seramik to provide our workers with a hygenic and safe working environment. The health and safety department established in the factory makes the necessary studies and arrangements to rich this goal.


- To search for and prevent the negative effects of prior to and during production facilities on the environment and workers  health,

- To provide a clean working environment,

- To take the required measurements in order to achieve zero work accident,

- To reduce the risks originating from machines and tools,

- To make all our workers be aware of the work safety trought seminars and trainings,

- To apply the current laws and arrangements related to work safety and health,


Above listed statements are our main duties and responsibilities as Termal Seramik workers.